Open to: Guild members only

£500 plus trophy

Recognising engineering excellence for technical audiences, the judges are looking for an ability to write features that are valued by specialists in the subject yet which are also interesting and easily accessible to non-specialists.

Sponsored by Genesis since 2020.


Market Engineering    Christian Tilbury    Alex Grant

2020 Andrew Charman (Highly commended: Alex Grant, Brian Weatherley)

2019 Alex Grant (Highly commended: John Evans, Martin Kahl)

2018 Nick Hull (Highly commended: John Evans, Jorn Madslien)

2017 Lem Bingley (Highly commended: Graham Heeps, Chris Pickering)

2016 Martin Kahl collected by Ian Henry (Highly commended: William Kimberley, Graham Heeps)

2015 James Scoltock (Highly commended: Rob Marshall)

2014 William Kimberley

2013 Brian Weatherley

2012 Graham Heeps (Highly commended: Tony Lewin, Paul Horrell)

2011 Chris Pickering

2010 Ian Adcock (Highly commended: Chris Pickering)

2009 Tristan Honeywell

2008 Karl Ludvigsen (Highly commended: Charles Armstrong-Wilson)

2007 James Griffiths

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