President: Nick Mason

The Guild’s president, Nick Mason, is a man of many parts: musician, record producer, businessman, car enthusiast, racing driver and motoring writer.

Best known as the drummer in Pink Floyd, Mason is also an incurable enthusiast of all things automotive. “My passion for cars and motor racing predates any involvement with music,” he says in the introduction to his 1998 book Into the Red. “My father, a director for Shell’s documentary film unit, used to take me in his four and a half litre Bentley to the vintage car events he was competing in… From that introduction, I was set on a course towards wanting to race cars for fun, particularly old ones.”

Mason’s involvement in automobiles of all kinds has seen him race six times in the Le Mans 24-hours, invest in a renowned car restoration workshop, buy an original Ferrari 250GTO which has rocketed in value, plummeted, and rocketed again, and set up the Ten Tenths business to manage his own car collection.

And he writes about cars, his own and other people’s. Nick Mason’s words have appeared in numerous national newspapers, as well as specialist titles like Autosport and Octane: Mason is not a mere figurehead for the Guild of Motoring Writers but a president who is also a working motoring writer.