Sponsored by Kia Motors UK


Introduced in 2013, this award recognises and applauds the work of individuals or organisations, not directly connected to the motor industry, who have made a special contribution to motoring in Britain. The winner is chosen by the Guild committee in consultation with Kia Motors UK.

019 guilds special contribution award sponsored by kia uk

2021 Edmund King OBE

2020 Revd. Adam Gompertz  REVS

2019 Catherine Bond Muir W Series

2018 Thatcham received by Matthew Avery

2017 Warwick Manufacturing Group received by Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya

2016 EuroNCAP received by chairman Andrew Miller

2015 Allan Winn Brooklands Museum

2014 Richard Noble Bloodhound SSC

2013 HRH Prince Michael of Kent

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