Open to: Guild members only

£500 plus trophy

The award recognises an outstanding achievement by a Guild member in the world of motorsport either writing about or competing in motorsport at any level.


020GMWPeugeotVaishaliDinakaranMasonFinneyJSB 5107

2020 Not awarded

2019 Vaishali Dinakaran (Highly commended: James Taylor, Nick Trott)

2018 Vaishali Dinakaran (Highly commended: James Taylor, Dan Trent)

2017 Andrew Charman (Highly commended: James Taylor, Nick Trott)

2016 Maurice Hamilton (Highly commended: James Taylor, Alistair Weaver)

2015 Guy Loveridge (Highly commended: Andrew Charman)

2014 Maurice Hamilton (Highly commended: Alex Goy)

2013 Alistair Weaver (Highly commended: Jim McGill)

2012 Ed McDonough (Highly commended: Chris Pickering)

2011 Jim McGill (Highly commended: Ed McDonough)

2010 Tim Pollard 

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