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Originally put up by Lord David Strathcarron during his term as Guild president in 1991, the President’s Trophy is awarded for outstanding achievement in the field of international automobilism. The winner is chosen by the president in consultation with the Guild committee.

Year Winner   
2018 Dr Andy Palmer Aston Martin
2017 Sir Frank Williams
received on his behalf by Paddy Lowe
Williams F1
2016 Gordon Murray Gordon Murray Design
2015 Doug Hill  National Motor Museum
2014 John Surtees
received on his behalf by Leonora Surtees
2013 Ian Callum Jaguar
2012 Patrick Head Williams
2011 Sir Jackie Stewart  
2010 Sir Stirling Moss  
2009 Charles Morgan Morgan
2008 Ron Dennis McLaren
2006-7 not awarded  
2005 Prof Franz-Josef Paefgen  Bentley/Bugatti
2004 Jürgen Hubbert Daimler
2003 Murray Walker  
2002 Richard Parry-Jones Ford
2001 John Towers Rover
2000 Dr Wolfgang Reitzle Ford
1999 Geoff Lawson (posthumous) Jaguar
1998 The Earl of March and Kinrara Goodwood
1997 Richard Noble  Thrust SSC
1996 Richard Parry-Jones Ford
1995 Bernd Pischetsrieder BMW
1994 Paolo Cantarella Fiat
1993 Peter Wheeler TVR
1992 Dr Carl Hahn Volkswagen
1991 Victor Gauntlett  Aston Martin
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