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mercedes benz

1st £500 and two years’ free Guild membership, plus trophy
2nd £200 and one year’s free Guild membership.
3rd £100 and one year’s free Guild membership

This award, open to Guild and non-Guild journalists, is presented to the person judged to have made the greatest contribution to recording, in the English language, the history of motoring or motorcycling in books.

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz since 2000.

Montagu Beaulieu   Lord Montagu   Simon Taylor   Andrew Dean

Year Winner Other awards
2020 Richard Jenkins 2nd Martyn Morgan-Jones 3rd Craig Cheetham
2019 Simon Taylor 2nd Daniel Cabart/ Gautam Sen 3rd Philip Porter
2018 Karl Ludvigsen 2nd Jonathan Wood 3rd Graham Rabagliati
2017 Anders Ditlev Clausager 2nd John Nikas 3rd Tony Lewin
2016 Nigel Trow 2nd Russel Hayes 3rd Adil Jal Darukhanawala
2015 Davide Bassoli Special award: Simon Taylor and Sir Stirling Moss 
2014 Alistair Weaver 2nd Davide Bassoli 3rd Gordon Bruce
2013 Ray Hutton 2nd Roy Smith 3rd Peter Higham
2012 Ian Wagstaff Jonathan Wood highly commended 
2011 James Ruppert Giles Chapman highly commended 
2010 Roy Smith Alan Henry highly commended 
2009 Eric Dymock    
2008 Karl Ludvigsen/
Giles Chapman
2007 Paul Skilleter    
2006 Ian Wagstaff    
2005 Karl Ludvigsen    
2004 Graham Robson    
2003 Jeff Daniels    
2002 Doug Nye    
2001 Philip Porter/
Paul Skilleter
2000 John Reynolds    
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