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Open to: members and non-membersrenault

1st £1100 and two years’ free Guild membership, plus trophy
2nd £250 and one year’s free Guild membership
3rd £150 and one year’s free Guild membership

This flagship award is supported by Renault UK and also offers a free membership package from the Guild. It is presented to the entrant judged to have made the most outstanding journalistic effort in newspapers, magazines, digital, radio and/or television. The judges place particular emphasis on initiative and endeavour.

The award and its predecessor, the Pierre Dreyfus Award, have been sponsored by Renault UK since their inception in 1977. The current format, with awards for the top three places, was introduced in 2012.

Year Winner 2nd 3rd
2018 John Evans Erin Baker Christofer Lloyd
2017 James Ruppert Ray Massey Paul Barker
2016 Jim Holder
received on his behalf by Luc Lacey
Ray Massey Nick Trott
2015 Martin Kahl 
received on his behalf by
Xavier Boucherat
Hilton Holloway Jim Holder
2014 Alastair Weaver 2nd= Ben Oliver and Mark Tisshaw
2013 Hilton Holloway Ben Oliver Jim Holder
2012 Ken Gibson Ben Oliver David Williams
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