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Open to: Guild members onlybca

£1,000 plus trophy

For the best general feature (not regular column) dealing with any aspect of the motoring scene by a Guild member. The judges are looking for a feature that takes a fresh or novel approach to a topic and one which demonstrates well researched material that is both entertaining and informative.

Candidates are required to enter just one feature for consideration. 

Originally established in 1995 as an award for used car writing, and sponsored by ADT Auctions (as BCA was then named). Changed to Feature Writer of the Year in 1999.


Year Winner Highly Commended
2018 Richard Webber Rachel Boagey
James Taylor
2017 James Taylor Dale Drinnon
Jack Carfrae
2016 Nick Trott

David Williams
Ray Massey

2015 David Lillywhite
(collected on his behalf
by Mark Dixon)
Alex Grant
2014 Dale Drinnon  
2013 Maggie Barry George Barrow
2012 Jack Carfrae Martin Goddard
2011 Dan Trent Nick Gibbs
2010 Jack Carfrae James Baggott
2009 Martyn Morgan-Jones Ray Massey
2008 Giles Chapman Sarah Bradley
2007 Andrew English  
2006 Martyn Morgan-Jones Scott Fisher
2005 Sue Baker David Burgess-Wise
2004 Andrew English  
2003 Andrew English  
2002 Alistair Weaver  
2001 Nat Barnes  
2000 Andrew English  
1999 Andrew English  
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