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£500 and a trophy

First presented in 2010 this award goes to the editor who demonstrates they have balanced the demands of publishers and readers while nurturing journalistic talent and successfully making the critical decisions that turn a good publication into a great one.

The judges are looking for strong leadership, innovations in the approach to editing and a keen understanding of the target audience and their requirements as well as supporting the development of their staff.

Where appropriate, hard copies of the product can be submitted by post. If you choose this option, please forward two hard copies of each submission to:

Richard Netherwood, Honorary Secretary, Guild of Motoring Writers, 539 Manchester Road, Linthwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5QX

Sponsored by Bentley since 2019.

Bentley Editor   Mike Sayer   David Lillywhite

2020 Mark Bursa (Highly commended: Tom Barnard, Simon Harris)

2019 David Lillywhite (Highly commended: Mark Bursa, James Ruppert)

2018 Laurie Caddell (Highly commended: Ben Klemenszon, Chris Rees)

2017 Paul Barker (Highly commended: Maggie Barry, Hilton Holloway)

2016 Tim Pollard (Highly commended: Martin Kahl, Sarah Bradley)

2015 Dan Trent (Highly commended: Jim Holder, James Ruppert)

2014 Jim Holder/Damien Smith

2013 Dan Trent (Highly commended: Danny Hopkins)

2012 David Lillywhite

2011 Tom Evans (Highly commended: David Lillywhite, Jim Holder)

2010 Nick Trott (Highly commended: James Baggott)

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