Open to: Guild members only

£500 plus trophy

Presented to the journalist offering the best example of an article or feature (but not books) reporting on the world of classic vehicles of any age. Entries should demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the subject and an interest in promoting the cause of classic motoring, whether it be cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles. The judges will be looking for material which shows a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and that is both engaging and informative for the reader.

RM Sotherbys   Karl Ludvigsen   Paul Darvill

2020 Greg MacLeman (Highly commended: David Lillywhite, Alex Grant)

2019 Karl Ludvigsen (Highly commended: James Elliott, Gustavo Ruffo)

2018 Mick Walsh (Highly commended: Sam Dawson, Greg MacLeman)

2017 David Burgess-Wise received on his behalf by Ray Potter (Highly commended: Sam Dawson, Malcolm Thorne)

2016 Ray Potter (Highly commended: Kim Henson, William Kimberley)

2015 James Elliott (Highly commended: Kim Henson, Clive Harrington)

2014 Ben Oliver (Highly commended: David Burgess-Wise, David Lillywhite)

2013 Tony Dron (Highly commended: David Burgess-Wise, Dave Richards)

2012 David Lillywhite

2011 Martyn Morgan-Jones

2010 Mike Goodbun

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