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Introduced in 2014, this award recognises excellence in the reporting of campaigning issues that affect road-users or related campaigns within the authors remit. The scope of the award is wide and entries can be written in a campaigning manner (i.e the journalist or publication calling for a particular course of action) or reflecting the campaigning calls of others. The entry must express views on, or aim to change opinion about, matters of importance to readers. This could include issues such as:

  • road and motorway conditions or design
  • safety of road users whether in vehicles, on cycles or pedestrians
  • cycling
  • the environment including pollution and new technology
  • infrastructure and maintenance
  • car parking
  • motoring costs including fuel
  • young drivers
  • legislation

The judges will be looking for a strong editorial campaigning position with, where appropriate, a clear call to action, for example to police, highways authorities, government, TFL, Europe or indeed road-users themselves.

AA Campaign    Sarah Lewis   Erin Baker

2019 Erin Baker

011GMWAAAlexGrantIanCrowderJSB 5068

2018 Alex Grant (Highly commended: Louise Cole, Maria McCarthy)

2017 Ray Massey (Highly commended: Jack Carfrae, Maria McCarthy)

2016 Louise Cole (Highly commended: Colin Barnett, David Williams)

2015 Louise Cole

2014 Alex Grant

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