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Open to: Guild members onlyprovapr

£750 plus trophy

This award recognises excellence among Guild members who work in business media, both print and online. Judges will be looking for clarity of writing and well researched articles that help readers understand the complexities of the business side of the UK auto industry from a retail, fleet or manufacturing perspective.

Year Winner Highly Commended
2018 Nick Gibbs Lem Bingley
Martin Kahl
2017 Simon Duval-Smith David Leggett
Ray Massey
2016 Debbie Wood Matthew Beecham, Jack Carfrae
2015 Martin Kahl 
collected on his behalf by 
Xavier Boucherat
Hilton Holloway
2014 John Maslen James Baggott
2013 Mark Bursa John Maslen
2012 Jack Carfrae James Baggott and Jørn Madslien
2011 Tim Pollard  
2010 Jørn Madslien Ralph Morton
2009 Ralph Morton  
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