Updated 1 July 2020

President Nick Mason  
Chairman Richard Aucock
Vice chairman Guy Loveridge
Honorary secretary Richard Netherwood
Honorary treasurer Matthew Carter
Committee Chris Adamson
Peter Baker
Andrew Charman
Colin Dawson
John Griffiths
Simon Harris
Chris Mann
Jim McGill
Andrew Noakes
Lara Platman
Ian Wagstaff
General secretary Melissa Chadderton
Vice presidents Sue Baker
John Blauth
Peter Burgess
Matthew Carter
Ray Hutton
Legal helpline contact Richard Aucock
Communications officer Simon Harris
Merchandise officer Melissa Chadderton
Benefits and
concessions officer
Melissa Chadderton
Yearbook editor Richard Netherwood
Web admin and
data protection officer
Andrew Noakes
Benevolent fund admin Elizabeth Aves
Official photographer Jeff Bloxham
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