All prices include postage and packing. To order contact Guild general secretary Melissa Chadderton at  or phone 01903 386423.

  Member prices Non-member prices
  UK Europe ROW UK Europe ROW
Who's Who in the Motor Industry 2020 £41 £46 £51 £51 £56 £61
Car Badge 
chrome and enamel Guild logo
£46 £49 £51 members only
Windscreen sticker 
Guild logo
£2 £2.50 £3 members only
Lapel badge 
Guild logo
£11 £13.50 £16 members only
Folding umbrella with Guild logo
£24.50 £26 £36 members only
1950 European Grand Prix and Guild Test Day
£11 £14 £16 £11 £14 £16
Car Badge + Lapel Badge + DVD
£56 £58 £61 members only
Greeting Cards
Maserati 250F by Michael Turner pack of 10
£8.50 £11 £13 £8.50 £11 £13
Limited Edition Poster
Le Mans 1972 Ferrari 250GTO at Tertre Rouge by James Dugdale signed by Nick Mason
£26 £28 £31 £26 £28 £31

Guild-branded clothing 

A range of Guild-branded clothing, including fleeces, polo shirts, sweatshirts and caps, is available to order from On the Adwear home page, click on the clubs and associations page and look for the Guild logo. Please place your order direct.

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