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Fuel consumption


Guidance on using units

Which to use? Use units your readership will understand - which is not always the units quoted by the manufacturer.

In the UK and US most people are not familiar with PS, kW and Nm so use bhp for power and lb·ft for torque. Be wary of press releases quoting figures in bhp when they really mean 'metric horsepower', which is another term for PS and slightly different to real bhp! Quote fuel consumption in UK or US MPG as appropriate.

In countries where metric units are common Nm is usual for torque with either PS or kW for power. PS is widely used, though kW is the official standard. Use l/100km for fuel consumption.

Torque units Torque is always quoted in units which multiply force and distance. The multiplication is either indicated by a dot between the units (N·m, lb·ft) or implied by using no punctuation.

Do not use lb/ft which would be pounds of force divided by distance in feet, which is not a torque unit.

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