THE GUILD of Motoring Writers’ first-ever Big Day Out, held at Rockingham Motor Speedway on Thursday 22 August 2013, was a huge success.

Big Day Out achieved everything it was created to do: showcase the modern face of the Guild, help journalists and new writers network, allow people to drive new cars and meet the makers behind them… and most importantly, have fun.

More than 40 Guild members and non-members took to the Northants circuit – Europe’s fastest banked oval – in their own cars, while the latest new models from Ford, Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan were made available for testing. There was a BBQ, prizes on the day for the best driving standards and the car most in keeping with the spirit of BDO – and plenty of networking opportunities, too.

The participating auto manufacturers were full of praise for the Guild and Automotive PR’s work in establishing the event and giving them the opportunity to meet new and potential GoMW members. Guild Chairman Richard Aucock said: “I am absolutely delighted with how the event went. We had a great turnout, some interesting cars, top-drawer standards of driving and many happy reports from all attendees.”

Plans are already under way to make the BDO an annual event.

The Guild’s thanks goes to Automotive PR, Rockingham and the teams at Ford, Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan for their support. For a more in-depth report on the day, see Guild chairman Richard Aucock's review of the day.

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