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Motorsport is under threat, and your action now can help save it writes Guild committee member Lara Platman.

In 2014 the European Court ruled that any use of a vehicle required compulsory insurance cover, so long as that use was consistent with the normal function of the vehicle. This would require all EU Member States to enact laws requiring compulsory and unlimited third-party liability insurance to cover personal injury between motorsport competitors and car-to-car damage during any competition, at any level, whether regulated by the FIA or FIM or not. Insurance of this kind is not currently available and looks unlikely to be available in future – which would mean motorsport would not be able to continue in the EU.

The Guild is supporting the efforts made by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) in responding to this issue.

This is a serious threat not just to competitors and the motorsport industry but also to journalists and media organisations producing coverage of the sport. We can work together to make the European Commission fully aware of the economic importance of motorsport and the employment which our sport and industry provides across the European Union by responding to an EU consultation which closes on 20 October.

For more information see the the MIA’s call to action and the MSA’s response to a Department for Transport consultation.

How to respond

  • Go to the EU consultation page  and click the link ‘Respond to the consultation’ in the blue box
  • In Section 1 enter information about yourself as appropriate
  • In Section 2 'Your opinon' scroll down to section 'B2.7 Scope' and answer at least questions 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 - our suggested answers follow
  • Q27: Answer ‘No. It should only apply to public roads, not private property’
  • Q28: Answer ‘No. If motorsport vehicles were exempted, the cost of claims would have to be met by organisations such as the MIB in the UK. This would transfer to cost to normal motorists, which is unfair.'
  • Q29: Answer ‘All vehicles used for motorsport activities’
  • Q30: Answer ‘No. Motorsport activities should not be covered by compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance’
  • Q31: Answer ‘No. Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance should not cover accidents that occur in areas which the public are not allowed to access’
  • Q32: If you represent an organization which would be adversely affected by this policy, describe that effect here. Read the MIA's guidance for advice on how you might respond.
  • Click 'Next' and then 'Submit' to submit your response.

Remember the consultation closes on 20 October so act now!

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