Winning entry Image Highly Commended

Phil Llewellin
Student of the Year Sponsored by CAR

Martin Tilbrook pdficon large jpg icon  
AA Campaigning Journalism Louise Cole pdficon large jpg icon Colin Barnett
David Williams

Audi Photographic - General

Luc Lacey

pdficon large

jpg icon

James Lipman
Matt Howell

Audi Photographic - Motorsport

Dan Bathie

pdficon large jpg icon

Jakob Ebrey
John Mountney

BCA Feature Writer

Nick Trott

pdficon large jpg icon David Williams
Ray Massey

DS Automobiles
Editor of the Year

Tim Pollard

pdficon large

jpg icon

Martin Kahl
Sarah Bradley

GKN Driveline
Consumer Journalist

James Ruppert pdficon large jpg icon Gustavo Ruffo
Christofer Lloyd

IAM RoadSmart
Safety Award

David Williams pdficon large jpg icon Jack Carfrae
Ray Massey

Market Engineering Award for Automotive Technology Journalism

Martin Kahl pdficon large jpg icon William Kimberley
Graham Heeps

Young Writer of the Year

Andrew Brady pdficon large jpg icon Christofer Lloyd
Greg MacLeman

Peugeot Motorsport

Maurice Hamilton pdficon large jpg icon James Taylor
Alistair Weaver

Prova PR Business
Writer of the Year

Debbie Wood

 pdficon large jpg icon Matthew Beecham
Jack Carfrae

RM Auctions Classic Writer of the Year

Ray Potter

pdficon large

jpg icon

Kim Henson
William Kimberley

TMD Friction Ltd
LCV Writer of the Year

Louise Cole

pdficon large jpg icon Jack Carfrae
George Barrow

Mercedes-Benz Award for the Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy

1st Nigel Trow

2nd Russell Hayes

3rd Adil Jal Darukhanawala

pdficon large

jpg icon



Renault UK Journalist
of the Year

1st Jim Holder 
received by Luc Lacey

2nd Ray Massey

3rd Nick Trott

pdficon large

jpg icon  

Pemberton Trophy

Jeff Bloxham   jpg icon  

Rider of the Year

Jonathan Rea      

Driver of the Year

Lando Norris      
Kia Special Commendation EuroNCAP received by chairman Andrew Miller   jpg icon  

President’s Trophy

Gordon Murray

  jpg icon  

Images by Jeff Bloxham and Jakob Ebrey

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