Winning entry Image Highly Commended

Phil Llewellin

Student of the Year

Sponsored by CAR

Xavier Boucherat pdficon large  jpg icon  

Motoring Research

Breakthrough Blogger

Ben Gribbin pdficon large  jpg icon  
AA Campaigning Journalism Louise Cole pdficon large  jpg icon  

Audi Photographic - General

Matt Howell

pdficon large

 jpg icon

James Lipman

Audi Photographic - Motorsport

Jakob Ebrey

pdficon large  jpg icon

James Mann

Bentley International

Nick Gibbs pdficon large  jpg icon  

BCA Feature Writer

David Lillywhite

collected by Mark Dixon

pdficon large  jpg icon Alex Grant

DS Automobiles

Editor of the Year

Dan Trent

pdficon large

 jpg icon

Jim Holder

James Ruppert

GKN Driveline

Consumer Journalist

James Ruppert pdficon large  jpg icon  

IAM Safety Award

Ray Massey pdficon large  jpg icon  

Market Engineering Award for Automotive Technology Journalism

James Scoltock pdficon large  jpg icon Rob Marshall


Young Writer of the Year

Lewis Kingston pdficon large  jpg icon  

Peugeot Motorsport


Guy Loveridge pdficon large  jpg icon Andrew Charman

Prova PR Business

Writer of the Year

Martin Kahl

collected by Xavier Boucherat

 pdficon large  jpg icon James Baggott

RM Auctions Classic Writer of the Year

James Elliott

pdficon large

 jpg icon

Kim Henson

Clive Harrington

Skoda Design Award

Richard Webber pdficon large  jpg icon Drew Meehan

TMD Friction Ltd

LCV Writer of the Year

Paul Barker

pdficon large  jpg icon Louise Cole

Mercedes-Benz Award for the Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy

Davide Bassoli

Special Award
Simon Taylor
Sir Stirling Moss

pdficon large

jpg icon


jpg icon

Jonathan Wood

Maurice Hamilton

Renault UK Journalist

of the Year


Martin Kahl

collected by Xavier Boucherat


Hilton Holloway

3rd Jim Holder

pdficon large





jpg icon


jpg icon


jpg icon


Pemberton Trophy

Chris Adamson    jpg icon  

Rider of the Year

Danny Kent      

Driver of the Year

Oliver Rowland    jpg icon  
Kia Award for Motoring Allan Winn    jpg icon  

President’s Trophy

Doug Hill

   jpg icon  

Images by Jeff Bloxham and Jakob Ebrey

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