Guild members: update your online profile!

As work continues on building the functionality of the new Guild website (writes Guild Chair Richard Aucock), members are being encouraged to visit their member profiles and update their contact details, website information, Twitter and LinkedIn details plus to fill out the cuttings panels with online links to their latest work.

This will help enhance the discoverability of members, both on the new site itself, and within Google. Further building the authority of the Guild website is a key focus for the new site, and as it develops, so members will benefit from improved discoverability in Google Search.

As the new website will also now link directly with production of the Year Book, this will help streamline the process for future editions.

“There’s a real benefit to members fully populating their online Guild profiles,” says Richard. “By being a member of the Guild, motoring media will enjoy enhanced and growing discoverability online, which can only help further enhance their professional credentials.

“This, I hope, will prove increasingly useful as more searches are carried out via mobile devices, rather than simply on desktop.”

The Guild will continue its careful and structured work to further flesh out the potential of the new website in the coming months. If there’s anything you think we should include, do let us know!

Meanwhile if you are on LinkedIn, be sure to follow the Guild here too.