Top award for Guild member Ludvigsen

Guild member Karl Ludvigsen has been awarded the “Golden Piston” for his contributions to the recorded history of the motor car.

Established in 2006, the award is given annually by a German organisation, the Forum for Vehicle History (Forum Für Fahrzeuggeschichte). The Forum was established in 2001 with the goal of blending knowledge with resources to achieve accurate representations of the history of motor vehicles for the benefit of both specialists and the public.

The Forum said the award recgonised Ludvigsen’s “services to the communication of automotive history with the conscience of the dedicated historian without, however, overlooking enthusiasm.” It said his work had “created valuable contributions in the portrayal of historical developments in the automotive field.”

The presentation took place at the Bremen Classic Motorshow in February.

Karl Ludvigsen has written more than 60 books about cars, motor companies, drivers and designers. A former motor-industry executive and consultant, he has concentrated on authorship since 2000.