Free Porsche advanced driving course for Guild under-30s

Every member under the age of 30 is eligible to undergo the YouDrive@Porsche course, free. Over-30s haven’t been neglected, either, as they can also take the programme for a bargain sum by making a modest £100 donation to the Guild – helping boost funds at a time when they are most needed. The course usually costs £165.

The half-day YouDrive@Porsche programme is held at the Driving Skills Academy at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone, and teaches car-handling exercises on the Ice Hill, Kick Plate and low-friction surfaces. The course – which is completed in part using each participant’s own vehicle – also incorporates an advanced theory session, and is hosted by TV presenter and race-driving instructor Vicki Butler-Henderson alongside Porsche’s chief driving consultant Gordon Robertson. In addition, a session with the Porsche Human Performance team tests various motorsport-related fitness activities. The highlight of the programme is 30 minutes on the handling circuit in a new 911.

Guild chairman Richard Aucock said: “Younger motoring writers are often expected to drive powerful cars – usually without any advanced driving lessons whatsoever. This course will enable them to improve their skills behind the wheel in a safe and controlled environment while having a huge amount of fun. Older – and likely more experienced – members can also take part and help boost Guild funds.”

New Guild committee member James Baggott, who helped to organise this benefit, added: “When I started writing for car magazines I was expected to drive fast cars with little more than a few years’ experience behind the wheel. I believe the Guild should be doing all it can to help its younger members – and this is a big step in the right direction.’ Porsche PR chief Mike Orford concluded: “We are keen to support The Guild in any way possible. YouDrive provides both an element of driver training in a fun environment and an opportunity for writers to get a story from the day.”

The YouDrive@Porsche course takes place on selected Saturdays throughout the year. Any road-legal car can be used – participants must hold a full valid driving licence and be 18-80 years old. Please let the Porsche press office know in advance of any convictions on your licence, as restrictions may apply. Comprehensive Porsche insurance covers all aspects of the track-driving activity.

Although not compulsory, the Guild suggests participants make every effort to cover the course in the form of a feature, news story or blog for their respective publication.