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Guild members with business to put before the Annual General Meeting have one more week to get their resolutions onto the agenda.

Any member can propose a resolution to be discussed and voted on at the AGM. Resolutions must be forwarded to the Guild secretariat by Thursday 9 April.

The same day is the closing date for nominations to the Guild committee. "I know some members have put their names forward to join the committee," says Guild chairman Guy Loveridge. "I would urge anyone who has an interest in helping to keep the Guild working, to contact the general secretary soon." Anyone interested in joining the committee needs to send a letter or email to this effect along with a supporting letter or email from another full Guild member.

This year the AGM moves to the Science Museum in London and an early-evening time slot, following feedback from some members who were unable to spare a whole day out of the office to attend the event.

The AGM is where Guild business is conducted so it is open only to members, not partners or guests. Members planning to attend should inform the Guild secretariat by 9 April so that access and catering can be organized.

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