You can convert images or scans of printed pages into a multi-page PDF portfolio using free online conversion tools. The video above demonstrates.

  • Open a folder containing the JPG files you want to convert
  • In your web browser, go to
  • Drag the JPG files from the folder into the lower pink box (the one containing a grey ‘Select files’ button)
  • Locate the Preferences buttons under the pink box, and click ‘Compression’
  • Change ‘Quality of images’ to ‘50% (medium quality)’
  • Change ‘Resolution of images’ to ‘150dpi (medium resolution)’
  • Click the red ‘Convert’ button
  • Your JPGs will be uploaded and converted – this may take a few minutes, depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection
  • Once the conversion is finished, the PDF will automatically download – look for it in your downloads folder
  • If the PDF is 2MB or less it is suitable for upload to the Guild Awards form – if not, try again using lower image quality and resolution settings

Note that this converter will also work with many other filetypes, not just JPGs.

You can also create a PDF portfolio using the full version of Adobe Acrobat, and there are many other online tools which will do the same job.