Overseas members

Guild of Motoring Writers has 45 registered members
Kunihiko Akai
Kunihiko Akai Associates
Iain Ayre
Freelance writer, author, photographer
Luca Berera
Editor Thehouseofcars.it and Motorsanatomy.it
Charles Bradley
Editor-in-Chief, motorsport.com
Adil Jal Darukhanawala
Editor-in-Chief - Fast Bikes India
Dirk deJager
Freelance Photographer
Vaishali Dinakaran
Freelance Writer / Motorsport Editor for OVERDRIVE
John Elwin
Huw Evans
Editor-in-Chief Rousseau Communication Automobile
Michael Furman
President and Chief Creative Officer of Michael Furman Photographer, Ltd. and Coachbuilt Press
Paul Gover
Chief reporter, Cars Guide Australia
Graham Heeps
Freelance writer and editor
Steve Holmes
Motoring writer and graphic designer
Robert (Bob) Kocher
Freelance automotive and lifestyle writer for The Automotive Communications Group. Web site - AutoTalkVideo.com
John Kralevich
Andre Loubser
Motoring author
Chris Martin
Freelance photo journalist
Drew Meehan
Design strategist and freelance design writer
John Nikas
Author and historian
Julian Parish
Freelance Motoring Writer and Translator
Tim Parker
Bonhams motorcycle and car consultant, plus certified appraiser, provenance researcher, collection strategist and vehicle finder with Parker House
Jamshed Patel
Assistant Editor, Auto India
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