Associate members

Guild of Motoring Writers has 35 registered members
Stephen Archer
Freelance Writer
Peter Barker
Freelance Writer
Sarah Bennett-Baggs
Editor Auto Addicts magazine
Liam Bird
Freelance motoring writer
Roy Brooks
Freelance. Motoring Correspondent Bury Times Group, since 1958.
George Chapman
Creative and Editorial Strategist
Mark Charles
Editor of Jaguar News and Classic Car News websites
Paul Connolly
Director, AutoMedia (NI) Ltd
Jonathan Gibson
Investigative reporter BBC
Malcolm Ginsberg
Editor in Chief – Business Travel News
Clive Goldthorp
Contributing Editor
Bruce Grant-Braham
Head of Motorsport Research Group, Bournemouth University
Simon Ham
Freelance Journalist and Motor Racing/ Historic Car Consultant
Russell Hayes
Motoring author
Michael Holden
Graphic Designer and Photographer
Nick Hull
Freelance Design Author & Academic
Tom Lee
Freelance photographer
Theo Leggett
BBC Business Correspondent
Vittorio Mischi
Founder and CEO, MyCarMyMusic
Stephen Mosley
Motoring writer and photographer
Bill Munro
Publisher, Earlswood Press
Michael Oliver
Freelance motoring writer/historian
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