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Guild of Motoring Writers has 422 registered members
Kim Adams
Freelance, Auto Express Products Editor, What's Brewing & BEER Production Editor
Chris Adamson
Freelance Motoring Journalist
Ian Adcock
Freelance specialising in automotive technology and innovation
Jerome Andre
International Editor, Land Rover Owner International
Simon Arron
Geoff Ashcroft
Freelance, all aspects of commercial vehicles, 4x4s, farm and construction machinery. Does own photography and video. CAA approved drone operator.
Maxine Ashford
Freelance motoring journalist
Richard Aucock
Managing Director, Motoring Research
Peter Austin
Photographer and deputy editor - Auto Tradition and Racing Spirit
Graham Baalham-Curry
Freelance motoring journalist and press photographer
Michael Edward Bailie
Freelance photographer specialising in motoring/corporate photography working for many magazines including BBC Top Gear, Auto Express, Evo, Classic Cars, Test Drive, Classic & Sportscar, plus a range of car manufacturers and book publishers
Peter Baker
Editor-in-Chief Retro-Speed
Sue Baker
Freelance writer, editor and broadcaster. Editor-in-chief, WeLoveAnyCar Awards and Reviews. Regular contributor to Diesel Car, Carpages, South East Business, Business Car Manager, Drive.co.uk, Cambridge/Bury Edition. Occasional contributor to Fleet World, Carkeys, Saga magazine, Libertine, BBC radio, PHVC Update (fleet quarterly).
Ian Mark Bamsey
Editor, Race Engine Technology
Paul Barker
Editor, Company Car Today
Tom Barnard
Freelance writer
Colin Barnett
Group Technical Editor, Road Transport Media
Josh Barnett
George Barrow
Deputy Editor, Commercial Motor
Maggie Barry
Freelance writer
Tim Beavis
Freelance writer, author and photographer
Philip Bell
Editor, Classic Cars magazine
Terry Bentley
Freelance on all things automotive and much else besides. Sub-editing a speciality
Derek Binsted
Freelance photojournalist
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