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Big Day Out is the Guild's track day, which gives members and guests an opportunity to drive their own cars - and some brought along by manufacturers - on a race circuit.

The first Big Day Out, held at Rockingham in 2013, was very popular and brought together a wide range of cars - from Minis and MX5s to BMWs and Porsches. Kia brought along one of its Top Gear "Star in a Reasonbly Priced Car" Cee'ds for members to sample on the track, while Ford, Nissan and Mitsubishi had classic and modern performance cars available for test drives.

Since then the event has found a permanent home at Castle Combe. It has become one of the most popular fixtures in the Guild calendar with dozens of Guild members and non-members attending each year.

2019 gallery

2018 gallery

2017 gallery

2016 gallery

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