Coming along to Guild Big Day Out? Make sure you pack your notepad – because all four car manufacturers in attendance are bringing some of their latest models along. 

This will give you the opportunity of catching up with some recent road car reviews when you’re not taking to the track in your own car... yet more reason for professionals to attend the day.

Ford, Kia, Nissan and Mitsubishi will all have models from their new car range available for road test, and there are a couple of fresh-to-the-fleet additions too.

The full new model test car list comprises:  

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Focus ST

Kia Proceed

Nissan Juke Nismo

Nissan LEAF UK

Mitsubishi Outlander

The LEAF has been added to the list in the past few days and provides a great opportunity for Big Day Out attendees to drive the latest British-built version hot off the Sunderland production line.2013bigdayout copy copy

Its hot Juke Nismo sister car is also British-built, meaning there’s the opportunity to drive the greenest and most red-hot of models coming out of Nissan’s British plant right now…

And with both Ford Focus and Fiesta ST in attendance, why not try to drive all three hot hatches back-to-back for an impromptu quick triple test?

We’re determined to make Big Day Out as useful to all attendees as possible. With these new car test opportunities, it may just help you deliver that all-important first drive to your editor, making it a working day out as well as a fun one.

Full details will be available on the day, and the usual manufacturer test car insurance policies will apply. Drives will be first come, first served - if there's a car you're keen to drive, get in quick! 

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