richardaucockby Richard Aucock

Guild Chairman

The Guild has put its name to a campaign launched by the SMMT, aimed at helping motorists drive more smartly and efficiently to cut their fuel consumption.

The potential savings it identifies are huge. If everyone drove greener, Britain's motorists could collectively save £6.8 billion. That's £200 a driver - a 20 per cent reduction in fuel bills, simply by driving better.Guild-Logo

All it takes, reckons the SMMT, is for drivers to meet the official combined consumption figures. Simple as that.

Yes, it's something most of us don't do, it admits - but which IS theoretically feasible if we stopped all the harsh acceleration, speeding and heavy braking that so affects fuel consumption.

As many signatories said, it's all down to what the driver does with their right foot - and this is where the Guild comes in.

That's because drivers encouraged by the idea of saving £200 a year will turn to one source to get information on how to do so - motoring journalists. They'll be reading the guides and advice we write to get ideas that they can put into practice.

It's the SMMT that's raising the awareness; the AA, RAC, BVRLA, IAM and Motor Codes are supporting it with their own initiatives and campaigns; but it's motoring journalists that will be doing the legwork in getting the message out there. 

"Motoring journalists are all too aware that readers are very concerned with the fuel efficiency of vehicles," I told the SMMT, "and show great interest in features offering guidance on how to improve fuel economy.

"Such professionals are well placed to help explain to readers what steps to take in order to get more miles per gallon, and I feels sure this new initiative by the SMMT is just what's needed to coordinate industry efforts in helping motorists save cash."

Over to you, Guild members. The initiative has been launched and the public interest is there: now to get those guides online and in print to serve this newfound demand from readers and the industry alike. 


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