andrewnoakes32By Andrew Noakes
Guild Chairman 2016-18

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Over the past few months I’ve had a number of conversations with motor industry PRs which have underlined how they still find cuttings of journalists’ work very useful. Not bits of paper, obviously, but links to news and feature articles you’ve written, or scans of printed work. What I’ve been hearing is that many press offices have had to cut back on media monitoring as a result of budget cuts, and often found the coverage of these cuttings’ services to be patchy anyway. So cuttings supplied by journalists do an important job in informing them of coverage and demonstrating the scope and influence of a specific writer.

Some journalists are very good at regularly sending cuttings of their work to press offices to let them know about coverage. Many of us, me included, wonder where they find the time to do it. So as a response to all this we’ve introduced a new service on the Guild website to make life easier.

If you are logged in to your account you will see a Links and cuttings option in the members' area which will take you to a simple form. All you do is provide a link to your article online, or upload a PDF or a scan of it, and tick the press office(s) you want to send it to. Push the submit button and the system does the rest, automatically sending your article to the right contact at the press office and providing you with a short link to your article (starting…) which you can share with anyone or use on social media.

The form also gives you the option to update your Guild profile with the link to your article – which you need to do regularly to prove you are still eligible for membership.

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