andrewnoakes32By Andrew Noakes
Guild Chairman 2016-18

DSC 9275

Barely half an hour after I was confirmed as Guild chairman at the Annual General Meeting in May, I was on the receiving end of one member’s opinion that at Guild events you always see the same faces in attendance.

Perhaps not “always”. A few years ago Bentley hosted our AGM in Crewe, and in addition to the stalwarts who can usually be relied on to turn out the event did attract members who were pleased they could attend because the north of England venue was convenient for them. Just a few weeks ago, at our spectacularly successful Big Day Out track day at Castle Combe, there were plenty of less familiar faces among the regulars (and more than a few non-members).

Moving set-piece events like the AGM around the country helps to give more Guild members the chance to attend, and your committee is already cooking up plans for new types of event aimed at a wider range of members’ interests.

But can we do more to ensure the widest possible participation in Guild events? Your ideas are welcome.

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