2016GMWAwardsA14NewspressYoungWriterAndrewBradyCraigCheethamDSC 2104

Open to: Guild members under 30newspress

£1000 plus trophy

Awarded to a Guild member under 30 (at the time of entries closing) who has consistently demonstrated a combination of thorough research and well crafted journalism in newspapers, magazines, online or broadcast media.

Sponsored by Newspress from 2015.

Year  Winner  Highly Commended 
2016 Andrew Brady Christofer Lloyd, Greg MacLeman
2015 Lewis Kingston  
2014 Hal Ridge  
2013  Lewis Kingston Greg MacLeman and Danny Hewitt
2012 Jamie Fretwell  
2011 Liam Campbell  
2010 Jamie Fretwell Tom Webster
2009 Tom Webster James Scoltock
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