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Open to: students studying automotive journalism on a Guild-backed course

An award specifically for automotive journalism students, named in honour of a well-loved motoring writer and Guild member.

009GMWLLewellinEmilyMacbethPhilMcNamaraBethLewellinJSB 5062

2018 Emily Macbeth Coventry University

2017 Illya Verpraet Coventry University

2016 Martin Tillbrook Coventry University

2015 Xavier Boucherat Cardiff University

2014 Emma-Louise Pritchard Cardiff University

2013 Max Prince Coventry University

2012 Joanna Price Cardiff University

2011 Tim Kendall Coventry University

2010 not awarded

2009 Rhian Angharad Jones Cardiff University

2008 Poppy Bullock Cardiff University

2007 not awarded

2006 Alex Grant Cardiff University

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