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Open to: anyone aged between 17 and 25jaguar

£1000 and two years’ probationary membership of the Guild

The most prestigious award for young motoring writers. Created by Sir William Lyons, founder of Jaguar, and awarded to a person under the age of 25, who has a keen interest in any aspect of the motor car, motoring or road transport. The object is to encourage young people into automotive journalism, including broadcasting, and to foster interest in motoring and the motor industry through these media. 

Notable previous winners include Tony Dron, David Vivian, Tim Pollard and  Guild chairman Richard Aucock.

2019 award not yet open for entries – details and entry procedure will be confirmed shortly

Year Winner 
2018 Luke Chillingsworth
Highly commended: Nathan Hine/Alex Whitworth
2017 not awarded
2016 Helèna Hicks
2015 not awarded
2014  Stephen Kilbey
2013  Ciaran O’Donnell Anderson
2012  Andrew Brady
Highly commended: Sophie Williamson-Stothert
2011 Alex Michaelides
2010 Tim Swietochowski
2009 Rhian Angharad Jones
2008 Peter Adams
2007 George Barrow
2006 Dimitri Pesin
2005 Tom Callow
2004 Leslie Mabon
2003 not awarded
2002 Harry Blanchard
2001 Piers Ward
2000 Claire Stares
1999 Tom Armitage
1998 Richard Aucock
1997 Alistair Weaver
1996 Tim Pollard
1995 Peter Knivett
1994 Richard Ellis
1993 Tom Barnard
1992 Michael Le Caplain
1991 Jonathan Noble
1990 Mark Bishop
1989 not awarded
1988 Stephen Steele
1987 Nicolas Velody
1986 Angus Frazer
1985 not awarded
1984 Tim Watson
1983 Lance Cole
1982 Paul Clark
1981 not awarded
1980 Peter Williams
1979 Anthony Dodgins
1978 David Hatter
1977 Ian Bamsey
1976 Louise Quinnell
1975 Ian Gow
1974 David Vivian
1973 Paul Simpson
1972 not awarded
1971 Charles Cook
1970 not awarded
1969 George Hinton
1968 Tony Dron
1967 C.S. Hales
1966 J.C. Gorton
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