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iam roadsmart logo rgb 72dpiOpen to: Guild members only

£750 plus trophy

For a Guild member who has produced a piece of writing that has provoked, challenged or encouraged real change among authorities or car makers, and which shows depth of passion and commitment for the safety of road users whether inside or outside a vehicle. The piece can be related to vehicles, awareness campaigns or even structural changes to road conditions.

Year Winner Highly Commended
2018 David Williams Louise Cole
Gustavo Ruffo
2017 Gustavo Ruffo Chris Knapman
Dan Trent
2016 David Williams Jack Carfrae, Ray Massey
2015 Ray Massey  
2014 David Williams  
2013 Bruce Grant-Braham Chris Knapman, David Williams
2012 David Williams  
2011 Richard Dredge  
2010 David Williams  
2009 Tristan Young  
2008 Ray Massey  
2007 Sarah Bradley  
2006 James Foxall  
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