Lexus Photographic Awards

Open to Guild members only

£250 in each category plus trophies

There are two categories, General and Motorsport, each of which carries a £250 prize. Scroll down to enter one or both categories.

Entrants in each category supply a portfolio of six images taken on assignment during the eligible period which have been submitted for publication – although they do not necessarily have to have been published. Supporting material showing published photographs is encouraged.

Photographers can enter both the General and the Motorsport categories.

The judges are looking for an innovative or instinctive angle on photographing vehicles or motorsport action in all its diverse outlets. The winner will be selected for his or her range of photographic techniques across the full selection of their entered work.


2022 Jonathan Fleetwood

2021 Jonathan Fleetwood

2020 Nick Dimbleby

2019 Nick Dimbleby

2018 Drew Gibson

2017 Nick Dimbleby

2016 Luc Lacey

2015 Matt Howell

2014 Nick Dimbleby

2013 Matt Howell

2012 Alasdair Cusick

2011 James Lipman

2010 Alasdair Cusick/Martyn Goddard

2009 Ian Dawson

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2022 Drew Gibson

2021 Dan Bathie

2020 Drew Gibson

2019 Jayson Fong

2018 Jakob Ebrey

2017 Jakob Ebrey

2016 Dan Bathie

2015 Jakob Ebrey

2014 Jakob Ebrey

2013 James Moy

2012 Jakob Ebrey

2011 Maurice Seldon

2010 James Mann

2009 Jeff Bloxham

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