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Open to: Guild members onlygkn logo

£1,000 plus trophy

For the most outstanding example of consumer journalism by a Guild member. The judges will be looking for an article or series of articles that are informative, innovative and also entertaining.

Established in 1995 and sponsored by GKN Driveline from 2015.

Year Winner Highly Commended
2018 Claire Evans Christofer Lloyd
Maria McCarthy
2017 John Evans George Barrow
Ray Massey
2016 James Ruppert Gustavo Ruffo
Christofer Lloyd
2015 James Ruppert  
2014 James Ruppert James Foxall
2013 David Williams James Ruppert
2012 Brian Weatherley James Ruppert
2011 James Ruppert Kim Adams
2010 David Williams James Foxall
2009 Jack Carfrae Ray Massey
2008 Richard Aucock  
2007 Shauna Massey  
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